“Ramon Allones”

Hi Friends!

Today I’ve finished a prototype of a CBG with violin elements, it’s name is “Ramon Allones”.

I’ve put tuning pegs and tailpiece in mahogany neck, the amplification is a piezo trasducer under the bridge, without volume pot.

The sound is very cool and similar to a Banjo.

Tuning this instruments and change the strings is an hard work, but when you are “around” your tone (for example, you want a “D” but you are in “Eb”) you can use fine regulation on tail bridge.

So, it’s a prototype, a good prototype and it’s very cheap.

I suggest it for a “pro” guitarist.


“Steampunk Woods”


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome to Victorian Era, where steam, locomotives and other amazing innovations become true!

I’m proud to introduce you “Steampunk Woods”, an enesemble of rare woods to create a precious box for this guitar: Rosewood, Amaranth and ebony are the root of this instrument.

A magnetic pickup gives it sound and power.

for info: machicbg@gmail.com


“Sangue Blues”


(la prima chitarra di mio padre e il libro di Giulio)


“Sentimentalmente a pezzi, ossessionato dalla musica che gli risuona in testa ventiquattr’ore al giorno, Cappa viene travolto da una sanguinosa vicenda di violenza e odio, che affonda le radici in Africa Occidentale e si ramifica fino al Delta del Missisipi dove il blues è nato.

Qui, assieme all’amico Zero e all’incantevole Rosebud Rosie, tra anziani musicisti superstiziosi, sconvolgenti incontri notturni, visioni terrificanti, piante magiche, alligatori e zanzare, scoprirà che un vecchio blues di Screamin’ Jay Hawkins nasconde un segreto spaventoso. Ma niente è come appare. O forse sì.”

Non solo chitarre, ma anche libri e questo è l’ultimo dell’amico Giulio Cancelliere che potrete acquistare seguendo questo link:



Happy Birthday T-Roosters! (10 y.o.)


Hi folks!

on 13 Jan. Tiziano Galli ( cigar box “7 Sins” and “Gimme Five”) and his band “T-Roosters” will play an amazing concert for their first 10 years togheter.

It will be in Milano at Spazio Teatro 89, via F.lli Zoia 89.

I suggest you: don’t miss it! Blues burns in their veins….

Follow the links below to discover who is Tiziano (my old Music Conservatory friend) and, why not, buy their album when you can find some tracks with my guitars.





My personal “Camacho” has got a new owner


My beloved Camacho has got a new owner, thank you all people!



I must do it….

I’ve got too much personal guitars and “Camacho” needs a new owner.

One of the best guitars that I ever made:

  • Neck: maple
  • Pickup: Artec  P90 green nacre
  • Bridge: Gotoh GE103B-T-C
  • Machine Heads: Locking system
  • 7 frets
  • 12th fret hand painted and Skull/dot engraved on 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th fret
  • Picks holder

So, are you the next owner? I hope you’ll love it as I loved it.

For info: machicbg@gmail.com


2018 = Rock!

2017-20-12-17-15-04Hi friends!

Are you ready for Xmas Holidays?

It’s snowing?

Did you write the letter to Santa?

Have you been good kids? Ok! So you are ready to live 2108 with Machi Cigar Box Guitars!

We will have amazing news for the new year: new project, new styles, new gadgets, new friends!

Not only Blues with those guitars, but also much ROCK!!! So stay tuned!

I give you the picture of our friend Silvia with  “Belinda”…  😉