Festone del 13 Maggio

the good

Eccoci finalmente nel mese di Maggio!!!

Tra 12 giorni ci troveremo a suonare, ballare,bere, mangiare e cantare insieme!

Se possedete una mia Cigar Box Guitars oppure suonate uno strumento diverso (batteria, basso, armonica, tromba, trombone, sax etc. etc. ), portalo e sali sul palco anche tu! Hai voglia di cantare? conosci una delle canzoni qui sotto? Salta sul palco anche tu!

Non sai suonare niente ma hai voglia di divertirti? Salta sul palco anche tu e fai stage diving!

Ecco alcune canzoni che potremmo suonare insieme tra una birra e l’altra, impara il testo e gli accordi e facciamo casino:

ti piace una canzone ma non c’è? Scrivilo, e vediamo cosa si può fare 😉

little red roosters boiling wolf
feel like going home muddy water
can’t be satisfied muddy waters
come on in my kitchen R. Johnson
death letter blues son house
jumping jack flash R. Stones
let it be p. mcartney
knockin on heavens door b. dylan
Cocaine E. Clapton
hoochie koochie man muddy waters
sweet home chicago  R. Johnson
walking blues  R. Johnson


Machi’s Guitars Party 2018!


Hi Folks!

I’m proud to introduce you “MACHI’S GUITARS PARTY” to celebrate music, friendship and all musicians that play my guitars.

Many guitarists from all over Italy will come to play their pieces made with “Machi CBGs”, we’ll do an amazing party from 6:30 p.m to…..(?) in Treviglio city at “Revel Theater” via Roggia Vignola 9!

Many gigs and jam sessions, you are invited too!!!! I’ll do a list of the songs for the jam sessions, stay tuned and suggest your songs!



R.I.P. Andrea Rivolta, Master of the woods

n385-gAndrea Rivolta is died after a short battle against cancer.

With his brother and sister he founded “Riwoods”, the paradise of luthiers: every kind of woods from all over the world, every “Machi Cigar Box Guitar” is built with his woods, and I’d like to think that in all my guitars it will be a little bit of his soul.

He used to say:”Ah! Do you need woods for your shit guitars?” lol!

R.I.P.  thank you and fight the woodworms from the sky!




“Ramon Allones”

Hi Friends!

Today I’ve finished a prototype of a CBG with violin elements, it’s name is “Ramon Allones”.

I’ve put tuning pegs and tailpiece in mahogany neck, the amplification is a piezo trasducer under the bridge, without volume pot.

The sound is very cool and similar to a Banjo.

Tuning this instruments and change the strings is an hard work, but when you are “around” your tone (for example, you want a “D” but you are in “Eb”) you can use fine regulation on tail bridge.

So, it’s a prototype, a good prototype and it’s very cheap.

I suggest it for a “pro” guitarist.